Medical Weight Loss

With over one-third of Americans classified as obese, many are turning to quick weight loss schemes like crash diets for immediate results that don’t last and often lead them to gain more weight than before. MedStem takes a different approach, offering medically-supervised weight loss programs that take a multi-step approach to address underlying medical issues and dietary changes to create a lasting lifestyle change.



Lifestyle change options offered are:

  • Weight loss programs: We start by getting to the underlying issues, followed by making important dietary changes. We use NutriMed, a very low-calorie diet option, accompanied by physician and nutritionist education and counseling to promote lasting dietary changes.

  • Sleep apnea: We diagnose and treat sleep apnea, characterized by snoring or waking up gasping for air, feeling unrested after sleep, tossing and turning at night, and aches and pains after sleep.

  • Sleep insomnia: Take advantage of our sleep study to help you improve and optimize your current sleeping situation to wake up feeling more rested and energized.

7 Points Weight Loss Approach

Insurance Covered

Appetite Control

Natural appetite control solutions that encourages eating good and suppressing appetite for unhealthy unwanted food/ beverages

Sleep Apnea

How is your sleep? Have you realized you are gaining weight as you are being sleep deprived? Lack of sleep is one of the many reasons why we gain weight, at MedStem we address your sleep as we address obesity

Hormone Balance

We focus on utilizing fat burning hormones and activate them using comprehensive medications. This allows to initiate fat burning hormones burn excess fat from our body.

Food Allergy

Did you know, we unknowingly consume food that are allergic to our body that results in excess weight gain? We address the problem by identifying and full screening of patients and provide them with affective diet control plans that actually works!


Excess fat? Let the professionals take care of it. Loose excess fat with minimally invasive procedure overnight. Loose fat and look better all in one reliable medical Clinic, MedStem.


Excess fat may not always be a bad thing. At MedStem we can use the same fat from patient's body and utilize for Aesthetic purposes. To see what you can do click here. 

Lose 20-40 lbs in less than 90 days

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